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We are the spintronics & nanomagnetism team.

Our team consists of more than 50 scientists and students, working in 4 main areas of magnetism:

1)  design & growth of unique magnetic structures 

2) engineering & characterization of nanoscale magnetism,

3) understanding and pushing spin transport into new frontiers,

4) control and study of magnetization dynamics from DC to ultrafast timescales.

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An IEEE Fellow among us !

Stéphane MANGIN, Professor of physics at the University of Lorraine and senior member of the IUF, was named Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and…

2020: 5 projects supported by the ANR

Spin Orbit Torque switching & THz (JCJC SPOTZ- CE24): Coordinated by Jon Gorchon UltraFast Opto-magneto-spintronics for Future Nanotechnologies (PRC UFO – CE09): Coordinated by Stéphane…
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4 days ago
Tune in for the next #Online #Spintronics Seminar https://t.co/9Nxf6vkwp8 ! This Fri 22 Jan 3pm (ET), @jgorchon talks about #Picosecond Spintronics!
2 weeks ago
Hi Twitter ! Here is a fresh publication from @Spin_IJL from @labo_IJL :
Magnetoresistive properties of cobalt thin films grown by plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition https://t.co/7xsYODqMrD via @IOPscience