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We are the spintronics & nanomagnetism team.

Our team consists of more than 50 scientists and students, working in 4 main areas of magnetism:

1)  design & growth of unique magnetic structures 

2) engineering & characterization of nanoscale magnetism,

3) understanding and pushing spin transport into new frontiers,

4) control and study of magnetization dynamics from DC to ultrafast timescales.

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Join us at the Ultrafast Magnetism Conference in @VilledeNancy (France) 12 -16 September 2022.
Please submit abstracts before June 1st on https://t.co/Ytz6VXuwWR.
Special thanks to @labo_IJL, @Univ_Lorraine, @CNRS_Centre_Est, @IEEEMagSoc, @Grand_Nancy, https://t.co/OrsUqvDBz0
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Want to do a Phd in a fantastic team ?
Check this two offers on our web site :
1.Optimization of rare-earth-based ferrimagnetic synthetic nanostructure towards nucleation and manipulation of skyrmions
2.Ultra-fast superconducting spintronic https://t.co/bEJji04esT
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Maxime Verges from ⁦ @labo_IJL⁩ ⁦ @Univ_Lorraine⁩ is giving a seminar ⁦ @UniofOxford⁩ on Plasmonic for energy efficient all optical switching. https://t.co/ouPWhwpP01 Spin_IJL photo