Full Team
Past members

Ait Oukaci Kosseila (2021) [Thesis PDF]   R&D engineer at Plassys (Paris, France)

Avisou Aymeric (2006) [Thesis PDF]  expert consultant at Alma Consulting Group (Paris, France)

Bello Jean Lois (2022) Engineer at Vinci- Technology (Paris, France)

Bersweiler Mathias (2014) [Thesis PDF]  post-doc Univ. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Berthelot Christel (2012) [Thesis PDF] 

Bernos Julien (2010)  [Thesis PDF]  European Patent Attorney at PASQAL (Paris, France)

Bonell Frederic (2009) [Thesis PDF]  CNRS researcher at SPINTEC (Grenoble, France)

Bouhani Hamza (2020) [Thesis PDF]  

Briones-Hernandez Joel (2008) [Thesis PDF]  Professor at Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Mexico)

Cucchiara Julien (2011) [Thesis PDF]  Professor in Classe Préparatoire (Paris, France)

Dekens Alexandre (2019) [Thesis PDF]  R&D engineer at Armelio, (Paris, France)

Duluard Amandine (2012) [Thesis PDF]  Scientific Mediation at Jardin des sciences (Strasbourg, France)

El Hadri Mohammed (2016) [Thesis PDF]  Engineer, R&D Engineering at Western Digital (San Jose USA)

Endichi Asmaa (2020) [Thesis PDF]  

Fache Thibaud (2020) [Thesis PDF]  RF Engineer at CEA (Grenoble France)

Fan Xiaofei (2022) Post-Doc at Beihang University

Faure-Vincent Jérome (2004) [Thesis PDF]  CEA engineer at SPINTEC (Grenoble, France)

Gabor Mihai Sebastian (2011) [Thesis PDF]  Assistant Professor Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca (Cluj, Roumania)

Gottwald Matthias (2011) [Thesis PDF]  IBM research staff member (New York, USA)

Greullet Fanny (2009) [Thesis PDF]  Head of “Observatoire Hommes-Milieux” (Mulhouse, France)

Guillemard Charles (2019) [Thesis PDF]  CNRS researcher at CINaM  (Marseille, France)

Gweha-Nyoma Danny-Petty (2023)

Hauet Thomas (2006) [Thesis PDF] associate Prof. at IJL (Nancy, France)

Huang Tianxun (2023) system engineer at BYD (Shenzhen – China)

Jhuria Kaushalya (2021) Post-doc at LBNL (Berkeley, USA)

Kyianytsia Anton (2019) [Thesis PDF]   Optical engineer lead, SQUAD (Kiev, Ukraine)

Lavanant Marion (2017) Data Scientist at Square Sense (Paris-France)

Lambert Charles-Henri (2015) [Thesis PDF]  Engineer at Saint Gobain (Paris-France)

Leroy Marie-Alix (2013) [Thesis PDF]  Chef de projet R&D at HEF group (Saint André, France)

Louis Damien (2016)   resp. formation au centre de formation Alsace (Strasbourg, France)

Malinowski Gregory (2004) [Thesis PDF]  CNRS researcher (IJL, France)

Masset Gauthier (2020) [Thesis PDF]  

Massouras Maryam (2021) [Thesis PDF]  Post-doc at C2N (Saclay, France)

Neggache Amina (2014) [Thesis PDF]   Product owner at Sogeti (Strasbourg, France)

Palin Victor (2023)

Pertisor Traian (2011) [Thesis PDF]  

Pham Thai Ha (2020) [Thesis PDF]  Assistant Professor Vietnam National University (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Polewczyk Vincent (2018) [Thesis PDF]  CNRS researcher at GeMAC (Versailles, France)

Quessab Yassine (2018) [Thesis PDF]  Staff Research Engineer at Seagate Technologies (Fremont, USA)

Remy Quentin (2021) Post-Doc at Frei Universitat (Berlin, Germany)

Riahi Hanna (2013) [Thesis PDF]  

Seng Boris (2021) Research Staff at UGITECH (Ugine- France)

Scheid Philippe (2020) [Thesis PDF]  

Sicot Muriel (2005) [Thesis PDF] CNRS researcher at IJL (Nancy, France)

Vallobra Pierre (2019) [Thesis PDF]  Assistant Professor at Beihang University (Beijing,China)

Verges Maxime (2023) System Pilot Engineer at EDF (C.N.E.P.E., Tours, France)

Wei Jiaqi (2021) [Thesis PDF]  : Post-Doc at Beihang University (Beijing, China)

Xu Yong (2014) [Thesis PDF]  Assistant Professor at Beihang University (Beijing,China)


Ammanabrolu Radjanikanth   Research staff member at University of Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

Bergeard Nicolas CNRS researcher (IPCMS, France)

Chang Crosby-Soon   Laboratory Technician at John Curtin College (Fremantle, Australia)

Cinar Ibrahim     Assistant Prof. at Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University (Turquie)

Deb Marwan (2016-2018)

De Melo Sanchez Claudia   Assistant Prof. at UO-ICMN (Orléans, France)

De Moraes Isabelle CEA Engineer at SPINTEC (Grenoble, France)

Ferté Tom    CNRS enginner at IPCMS (Strabourg, France)

Hamadeh Abbass (2014-2016)

Hillion Arnaud   (2015-2017)     

Iihama Satoshi ( 2017-2018)

Igarashi Junta (2021-2024)

Kichin Georgy ( 2016-2018)

Legall Sylvain  Associate Prof. LGEP (Saclay, France)

Lin Weiwei (2009-2010) Professor at Southeast University (Nanjing, China)

Liu Tao   Prof. at Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu, China)

Maddu Ramu (2021-2022),

Martin Elodie

Moisan Nicolas

Negulescu Beatrice (2006-2010) CNRS Research engineer at GREMAN (Tours, France)

Nong Thi Thanh Huyen (2019-2020)

Pirro Philip (2015-2016)  Prof. at TU Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Schleicher Filip

Ungureanu Mariana      

Xu Yaohan (2022-2023)

Yang Huaiwen (2015- 2017)

Zhang Boyu (2019-2020

Zhang Wei (2018-2023)