Industrial activities

Magnetism, magnetic materials and magnetic systems have a significant place in many markets defined as strategic by EU. These include information and communication technologies, mobility, healthcare and energy. In the development of these technologies, miniaturization of systemes down to nanometric scale and control of new materials at the nanometer scale are particularly important challenges, both by the richness of the new effects produced and by the gains in technological terms (energy efficiency, gain of space, multifunctionality, etc.).

Part of the activities of the Spintronics and Nanomagnetism (SPIN) team is dedicated to innovation, and research & development. Beyond patenting (in collaboration with SATT SAYENS) or publication of innovative concepts related to its own research, the team promotes collaborations with private actors at regional level (e.g. Cryoscan), at French level (e.g. NIPSON Technology), at European level (e.g. NTN-SNR) and internationally (e.g. IBM). These collaborations can be carried out in various contractual frameworks: collaborative projects with public funding (ANR or EU projects), French CIFRE PhD contract, bilateral R&D contract, service and consultancy. The technology transfer office which facilitates these contracts, eligible for Research Tax Credit (CIR). The SPIN team received the 2010 Yves Rocard Prize and the 2018 Interregional Research Prize for its research-innovation-development activities.

For the catalog of magnetic measurements and R&D services offered by the SPIN team: click here.

Ongoing projects