Thomas Hauet

Maître de conférences hors-Classe HDR (associate Professor)

Université de Lorraine, Institut Jean Lamour, since sept. 2009

– Research : Nanomagnetism and Spintronic (UHV growth, electronic/magnetic properties characterization)


– Teaching : Physics (mechanics, electromagn., quantum mecha., magnetism, etc. ) at Faculty of sciences and technologies, école des Mines de Nancy, PACES and Polytech Nancy

Current duties:

– Head of the competence center “Magnétisme et cryogénie” at Institut Jean Lamour (2011-…)


– Coordinator of the French Magnetometry network (2015-…)


– Head of INFRA+ program of Lorraine Univerté d’Excellence (2022-…)


– Co-responsible of the Master Degree “Elaboration et caractérisation des matériaux” at Université de Lorraine (2024-…)


Past activities and highligths:


– Coordinator of FEDER project SONOMA “Sonder les nanomatériaux magnétiques” (2019-2022)


– Coordinator of the European Magnetometry network (2015-2021)


– Member of the Scientific board (in the permanent board) at Université de Lorraine (2017-2021)


– Coordinator of ANR Labcom I-MAG with NIPSON Technology (2017-2021)


– Coordinator of European project Kic Raw Materials MagNet (2017-2020)


– research interregional prize 2018 for our “Greater Region Magnetism Network” (collaborative researches and R&D activities between Universities of Lorraine, Kaiserslautern, Saarbruck, Liège, Luxembourg)


– Member of CNU section 28 (2016-2019)


– Habilitation à diriger des recherches,”magnetic multilayer for magnetic memories”, nov. 2016


– Suzanne Zivi Prize 2015


– Visiting Researcher, Andrew Kent’s lab, New-York University (USA), oct.-dec. 2014


– Research staff member, Hitachi GST, San Jose Research Center, jul. 2008- Sept. 2009 (Bit pattern media technology)


– Postdoctoral Researcher, Hitachi GST, San Jose Research Center, jan. 2007- jul. 2008 (3D memories and STT)


– PhD in “Physics and Chemistry of Condensed Matter and Materials” Nancy University 1, LPM (UMR 7756), 2003-2006


– Visiting student, York University (UK), jul. 2013 (VSM installation)

Research: #materials growth & design, #nanomagnetism
Projects: #ANR: I-MAG, #EU: SONOMA
Equipment: #MBE