Stéphane Andrieu

Professor in Université de Lorraine, and researcher in the Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy (France), Stephane Andrieu got 30 years of experience in solid state physics and crystal growth. He is recognized as a specialist of molecular beam epitaxy and associated in situ characterization means. He developed projects dedicated to semi-conductors, magnetism, and optical properties. He is a regular user of Synchrotron facilities (LURE, SOLEIL, ESRF, ALS). He got some experience in EXAFS, Surface diffraction, DAFS, XMCD, and Photoemission (spin-resolved PES, ARPES). He published in 2005 a textbook on Solids surface with Pierre Muller (EdP science) and in 2012 a chapter of a handbook dedicated to MBE in metals with Karine Dumesnil entitled “Epitaxial Magnetic Layers Grown by MBE : Model Systems to Study the Physics in Nanomagnetism and Spintronic” (Chapter 20 of the book ” Molecular Beam Epitaxy: From Quantum Wells to Quantum Dots. From Research to Mass Production” ELSEVIER 2012). Authors of more than 150 publications, his actual research fields are tunneling transport in magnetic tunnel junctions, magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction in model epitaxial systems and Half-Metal Magnetic properties in Heusler compounds.

Research: #spintronics, #materials: growth & design,