François Montaigne

François Montaigne is a Professor at Université de Lorraine.

Research interests
– Artificial spin systems
– Ultrafast dynamics of nano-object
– Atomic Layer Deposition

– Various aspects of nanomagnetism and spintronics,  nanofabrication

– General physics (Licence)
– Magnetism (M1)
– Nanofabrication (M1)
– Electrostatic for medicine (PASS)
Current duties 
– Technical director of Institut Jean Lamour
      * Member of the directory board
      * Coordination of technical facilities (28000 m² building, 200 experimental labs …)
      * Management of core facilities (8 plateforms) 
– Coordinator of the regional project RAnGE (2150 k€  project for cleanroom equipment in region Grand-Est)
– Member of M4 (Matter, Materials, Metallurgy, Mechanic) scientific council of Université de Lorraine

Past activities and highlights 
– Coordinator of the FRUSTRATED ANR project (2013-2015)
– IEEE senior member
– Responsible for M1 of Physics of Université de Lorraine (2013-2018)
– Co-author of 150 publications and 3 patents

Research: #nanomagnetism
Projects: …