Daniel Lacour

After a Phd (1999-2002) dedicated to the tunnel magnetoresistance and it’s application (collaboration between Université de Lorraine and UMR CNRS-Thalès) D. Lacour worked as postdoctoral researcher in the Hitachi GST laboratory of San Jose CA (2003-2005) where he studied  magnetic nano-devices. In 2006 he was appointed to the CNRS as research staff member. 

His fields of expertise adress Spintronic and Nano-magnetism.

Research: Artificial spin ices, Spin polarized transport, Hot electrons transport, Magnetic sensors,
Magnetic textures

Projects: #ANR:BioIce (2018-2021), #ANR:SWANGATE (2017-2021), #ANR:POLARSPIN (2017-2021), #ANR:SPINAPSE (2014-2017), #ICEEL:FLAMME (2014-2015), #ANR:FRUSTRATED (2012-2015), #ANR:SPINPRESS (2009-2013), #ANR:VOICE (2009-2012)