Spin-orbit torque switching & THz

Image caption: Experimental setup for generation and injection of picosecond current pulses into magnetic heterostructures, and for detection of the induced dynamics.

Summary: In the context of spintronics and its applications, manipulating the magnetization at fast rates is a major goal. Spin orbit torques (SOT) have emerged as the next generation method for energy-efficient and fast control of magnetization. However, speeds are still experimentally limited. The SPOTZ project aims to unveil the (sub)picosecond dynamics of the magnetization induced by ultrashort (THz) current pulses and to develop new methods of control and probing magnetism at ultrafast time-scales.

Members:  The scientific members includes all members of the SPIN team, explicitly Dr. Jon Gorchon (PI), Prof. Michel Hehn (Magnetic tunnel junction, ferrimagnets and sputtering), Prof. François Montaigne (optical and e-beam lithography, former Head of cleanroom facilities); Dr. Sébastien Petit-Watelot (ultra-low noise magneto-transport at low and high frequencies, and FMR); and Dr. Julius Hohlfeld (ultrafast magnetism).

We are looking for a postdoc and possibly a PhD candidate for this project!! Contact us!

Funding: 269 k€

Scientific project timeline:  01/03/2021 – 29/02/2024


Institut Jean Lamour (Nancy, France)

External collaborators

Richard B. Wilson (UC Riverside, USA)

Jeffrey Bokor (UC Berkeley, USA)

Aristide Lemaître (C2N, France)

We are open to collaboration with colleagues from all over the world