UHV Kerr Magnetometers

Caption: The NanoSpin team collaborates with the French company Cryoscan to optimize magnetic measurement systems, here a MOKE magnetometer under ultra-vacuum (CIFRE thesis, ANR)

Since 2016, the NanoSpin team has been collaborating with CRYOSCAN to develop magnetic measurement instrumentation. CRYOSCAN designs and manufactures tailor-made devices, adapted to your experiences in an extreme environment, especially in ultra-vacuum.

A double Kerr magnetometer (MOKE) under ultra-vacuum was co-developed and connected to the TUBE Daum from the Jean Lamour Institute (70 meters of ultra-vacuum tube connecting 25 deposition and characterization devices for thin and ultra-thin films). This work is carried out as part of a CIFRE thesis. Once optimized, this instrument should allow magnetic characterization of thin films up to an atomic half-layer over a field range of 0 to 1T (polar) and 0 to 0.35T (longitudinal), over a temperature range of 77K at 800K.

A second development concerns a system for measuring spin polarization of electrons for spin-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy. This type of measurement is based today on the use of heavy experiments which require severe conditions (high voltages, UHV, heavy installation, …). The NanoSpin team and Cryoscan are working to develop a vector spin detector based on the spin filter effect in ferromagnetic thin films with integrated electrical detection. At equal sensitivity with existing detectors, spin filter detectors offer a small footprint and a low voltage operation (approximately 1 kV against 100 kV for a Mott detector). This collaboration takes place within the framework of an ANR PolarSpin project.