Caption: The NanoSpin team collaborates, in a joint R&D laboratory, with the company Nipson Technology, world leader in the design of magnetic printers.

The tools and concepts underlying magnetography (or magnetic printing) are identical to those used in magnetic data recording (e.g. hard disk drives). During a first collaboration on public contract (ANR COSMIQUE), the cooperation between the Institut Jean Lamour and NIPSON technology already allowed to test the replacement of the chemical growth method (electro-deposition) of magnetic media and shunt in the printing drum by a physical method (PVD sputtering), more respectful of environmental and health standards. Since 2017, Institut Jean Lamour and NIPSON Technology have been sharing a joint R&D laboratory (ANR Labcom I-MAG). The work aims at understanding and developing the different magnetic processes (writing, development and demagnetization) of magnetographic presses. It responds to a need for increased innovation due to competition from other digital printers and the versatility required in the niche markets covered by NIPSON Technology. NIPSON Technology has primarily excellent phenomenological knowledge of the magnetic processes of writing on the drum and of attracting ink particles which enables incremental improvements. Only the simulation of existing processes and a more fundamental understanding of these processes at the micron, even nanometer scale, makes it possible to propose innovative technological solutions to the current limitations in terms of quality and printing speed.