Project: UFO

UltraFast Opto-magneto-spintronics for future nanotechnologies

Summary: A new field is emerging which combines ultra fast optics, nanomagnetism and spin electronics. It will open new possibilities for ultrafast low-dissipative manipulation and transport of information. In this UFO project, ultrafast laser will be used to generate hot electron pulses. The Sub picosecond hot electron pulses will then enable the manipulation of spin and magnetization in spintronic devices. A strong consortium will tackle this project: the team at IJL showed that not only ferrimagnetic alloys but also ferromagnetic multilayers and granular media can be switched by sub picosecond laser pulses. They also demonstrated very recently for the first time that sub picosecond hot electron pulses can generate ultrafast magnetization switching. On the other hand the team at SPINTEC has a long and internationally recognized experience in the field of spintronics and its applications. Finally the team at LPCT is expert in ab initio calculations, in particular density functional theory.

Members: Michel Hehn, Jon Gorchon, Helene Fischer, Gregory Malinowski Stéphane Mangin, Julius Hohlfeld

Funding: 540 k€

Scientific project timeline:  01/01/2021 – 31/12/2024


Institut Jean Lamour (Nancy, France)

SPINTEC (Grenoble, France)

LPCT (Nancy, France)