The POLARSPIN project is designed to bring from a technology concept to a laboratory prototype a new breed of electron spin polarimeter for cutting edge scientific instrumentation. The specifications (spin discriminating power and figure of merit) of the proposed polarimeter are forecasted to be competitive with current technology. More importantly, their ease of use and controlled cost should bring a new impulse in democratizing the implementation of spin-resolved (possibly angular resolved) photoemission spectroscopy techniques in laboratories and synchrotron radiation facilities. We also envision that the POLARSPIN polarimeter could be used to upgrade existing scanning electron microscopes (SEM) to provide magnetic contrast, similar to what is done in the very few worldwide SEM with polarization analysis (SEMPA), which are currently equipped with Mott or SPLEED detectors. Spreading technological solutions allowing the detection of the electron spin polarization in a routinely fashion, and not only via confidential, complex techniques, would certainly open new avenues in scientific instrumentation that could lead to new discoveries in physics.

Scientific project timeline: 01/01/2017 – 31/07/2021


Institut Jean Lamour (Nancy, France)

Cryoscan (Nancy, France)

Institut NEEL (Grénoble, France)