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End of year BBQ party

Recently, we tried to get together and enjoy some outside time with all team members! Combined with petanque, barbeque and a sunny weather, we had a great time!

Tohoku-Lorraine Joint conference 2021

The Tohoku-Lorraine Conference is organised in the framework of a strong collaboration between Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) and the University of Lorraine (Nancy, Lorraine). The objective is to strengthen this…
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2 weeks ago
Quentin Remy @Spin_IJL , @labo_IJL @NanoMat_LUE, @CNRS_Centre_Est, @Univ_Lorraine will defend his PhD on Thursday September 9th at 4 PM (CET) untitled   Ultrafast spin dynamics and transport in magnetic metallic heterostructures

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3 months ago
Let's have this fabulous talk:
Des atomes et des alérions.
L'héraldique lorraine du XIIe au XXIe siècle. 👍👍
Spin_IJL photo
3 months ago
Thierry Belmont from ⁦ @labo_IJL⁩ is giving the scientific speech at the WMF ⁦ @StudentWMF Spin_IJL photo
3 months ago
Carlos Rojas -Sanchez is receiving the CNRS bronze medal ! We are so proud of him ⁦ @Spin_IJL⁩ ⁦ @labo_IJL⁩ ⁦ @Univ_Lorraine⁩ and of course ⁦ @CNRS Spin_IJL photo