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Tohoku-Lorraine Joint conference 2021

The Tohoku-Lorraine Conference is organised in the framework of a strong collaboration between Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) and the University of Lorraine (Nancy, Lorraine). The objective is to strengthen this…

An IEEE Fellow among us !

Stéphane MANGIN, Professor of physics at the University of Lorraine and senior member of the IUF, was named Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on January…
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1 day ago
Carlos Rojas -Sanchez is receiving the CNRS bronze medal ! We are so proud of him ⁦ @Spin_IJL⁩ ⁦ @labo_IJL⁩ ⁦ @Univ_Lorraine⁩ and of course ⁦ @CNRS Spin_IJL photo
2 weeks ago
Seminar "Probing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic spin structures and textures with spin and charge currents" given by Rafael LOPES SEEGER from @SPINTEC_Lab at @labo_IJL organized by @Spin_IJL @NanoMat_LUE @IEEEMagSoc Spin_IJL photo
3 weeks ago
"Oxydes for Spin-Orbitronics and Spin-Caloritronics 2021" a One-day Workshop on July 7th 2021
Organized by Nathalie Viart #ipcms and J-Carlos Rojas-Sanchez @Spin_IJL @labo_IJL
Spin_IJL photo
3 months ago
Congratulations to Valentin Desbuis @Spin_IJL @labo_IJL who has just been awarded the Bernard Bolle Prize by the Eastern Section of the SF2M. This prize is awarded annually to a student who has done an excellent Master internship in the field of materials R&D. Spin_IJL photo
3 months ago
A great PhD Defense with a great Jury ( A Thiaville from @LPS_Orsay; @joovon from @C2N_com; A. Barthélémy @umphycnrsthales ; B. Doris @IBMWatson; N. Rougemaille @InstitutNeel; D. Karevski LPCST, @DanielLacour4 and F. Montaigne @labo_IJL )
Spin_IJL photo
Kosseila AIT OUKACI @kosseila_8okc
It's show time at @Spin_IJL @labo_IJL.
@massourm will defend her PhD thesis about artificial spin ice.