Co/Ho Multilayers reversal by Single-Shot Helicity-Independent All-Optical Switching !

Published by Daniel Lacour on

In the framwork of Yi Peng Phd and thanks to a close collaboration between the Spin Team and the Spintec laboratory single-shot all-optical helicity-independent switching has been established in Co/Ho multilayers extending the number of material combinations showing this fascinating property. This ability is studied in wedgeshaped Co/Ho multilayers by varying thicknesses and repetition numbers. Surprisingly, even though the spin-orbit coupling is larger than in Tb and Dy, which should increase the dissipation of angular momentum to the lattice, the pulse duration versus fluence state diagram is close to the one of the Gd-based system.

Those results have been publsihed in PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 20, 014068 (2023).

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