Buckling reversal of a weak stripe unveiled !

Published by Daniel Lacour on

Thanks to a close collaboration with the IPCMS laboratory in Strasbourg (France), supported by the ANR SwanGate, we have studied the depth profile of a weak stripe magnetic texture and its evolution when the magnetisation is reversed in-plane. We show that the conventional weak stripe texture undergoes a well-defined undulation when the magnetic field is reversed. Through quantitative agreement with micro-magnetic simulations, we demonstrate that the existence of instability and staggered Neel caps is intrinsic This reversal mode is characterised by a checkerboard of alternating surface magnetic charges and by a longitudinal modulation of the in-plane component of the magnetisation similar to the oscillatory buckling reversal mode reported in elongated soft magnetic nanostructures.

This study has been publsihed in Open Acess in Materials Research Letters.

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