Spin-to-charge by spin pumping in BiSe alloy

Published by Daniel Lacour on

In our paper titled “Spin-to-charge conversion by spin pumping in sputtered polycrystalline BixSe1−x​” published in Physical Review Materials, we discuss the potential of the topological materials for obtaining low power and fast memory devices based on efficient spin-orbit torque switching. In particular, we focus on sputtered polycrystalline BixSe1−x, which is relatively easy to fabricate and has been reported to have a very high spin Hall angle. We study the spin-to-charge conversion in this material using the spin-pumping technique coming from the ferromagnetic resonance in a contiguous permalloy thin film. The spin pumping voltage shows the same sign as the one of Pt and the charge current arising from the spin-to-charge conversion is, in contrast, lower than Pt by more than one order of magnitude in contrast with previous studies. We ascribe this to the interdiffusion of BixSe1−x and permalloy and the changes in chemical composition produced by this effect, which is an intrinsic characteristic of the system and is not considered in many other studies. We hope that this study will encourage other researchers to provide a clear characterization of the structural properties of the films and the interfaces to have a deeper understading of spin conversion experiments.

Phys. Rev. Materials 7, 075402 – Published 10 July 2023

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