Jean-Loïs Bello joined Vinci Technologies

Published by Stephane Mangin on

Jean-Loïs completed his Ph.D. in 2022 at the Institute of Jean Lamour in the SPIN team on the thematic of “Magnetism and Current Induced switching and domain-wall propagation in single and exchange-coupled Gd based ferrimagnet thin films”.
During his 5 years at IJL, he worked with various technologies for the growth & analysis of complex thin-film materials such as E-Beam Lithography and Sputtering systems, MOKE, RHEED in addition to Molecular Beam Epitaxy systems coupled to the famous 70m UHV Vinci Technologies Transfer Tunnel #VINCI-MECATRANS.

Dr. Jean-Loïs Bello joined the UHV Nanotechnology Division of  Vinci Technologies as a Process and Applications Engineer !

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