On/Off Ultra-Short Spin Current Magnetization Switching

Published by Stephane Mangin on

Thanks to a strong collaboration between Beihang University and Lorraine University. Xiaofei Fan in his PhD work has demonstrated that by introducing a thin VO2 layer into a specific Spin-Valve, a laser induced ultra-short electron pulse can be free to pass through the VO2 in its metallic state while it is blocked in its insulating state. Additionally, the change on electrical and optical properties of VO2 during the phase transition leads to various possible magnetic states. On/off ultra-short spin current controlled by phase transition paves the way to address specific ultra-fast spintronic devices in large array memories.

Find all the details in the article “On/Off Ultra-Short Spin Current for Single Pulse Magnetization Reversal in a Magnetic Memory using VO2 Phase Transition”, by Xiaofei Fan et al published in Advanced Electronic Materials: https://doi.org/10.1002/aelm.202200114

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