Mainz-Lorraine Collaboration: New paper in Advanced Functional Materials!

Published by Daniel Lacour on

Direct imaging of chiral domain walls and Néel-type skyrmionium in ferrimagnetic alloys.

Boris Seng is involved in a PhD dual degree program with Mainz University and Lorraine University. Thanks to Boris’s work, the publication in Advanced Functional Materials demonstrates the evolution of chiral spin states in ferrimagnetic Ta/Ir/Fe/GdFeCo/ Pt multilayers as a function of temperature using scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis. The GdFeCo ferrimagnet exhibits pure right-handed Néel-type domain walls over a large temperature range with the exchange stiffness deduced from the domain wall width. Beyond single skyrmions, it is found by direct imaging additionally a pure Néel-type skyrmionium.

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