Hisotric: First Beihang/Lorraine double doctorate degree!

Published by Daniel Lacour on

On Tuesday June 15th 2021  Jiaqi Wei successfully defended his PhD entitled “Magnetization manipulation induced by spin current and ultrafast laser“  in front of an international Jury. This is the first PhD Beihang/Lorraine Dual Degree.

The Beihang/Lorraine collaboration has already resulted in the publication of papers in high-impact journals on magnetization manipulation using light and current pulses.

PhD Jury :

President: Prof  Bert Koopmans (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Referee 1 : Prof Lilianna Buda-Prejbeanu ( Grenoble -Alpes University)

Referee 2: Prof Weiwei Lin ( Nanjing University)

Member : Prof Na Lei ( Beihang University)

Director : Prof Weisheng Zhao ( Beihang University)

Co- Director: Prof Francois Montaigne (Lorraine University)

Co-Director: Prof Stéphane Mangin (Lorraine University)

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