Freshly published in Advanced Materials: A nano-Galton Board based on Artificial Spin Network !

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In this work, the motion of the magnetic domain walls in an artificial spin lattice leads to a tunable stochastic response of the metamaterial, which can be tailored by an external magnetic field and local lattice modifications. This type of stochastic tunable lattice produces a controllable random response exploiting the intrinsic stochasticity of the magnetic domain wall motion at the nanoscale.

This nice move results from a collaboration between  IJL , UmPhy CNRS-Thales, C2N et Institut Néel in the ANR Bio-Ice framework coordinated by Dr. D. Lacour.

Tunable Stochasticity in an Artificial Spin Network
Dédalo Sanz‐Hernández, Maryam Massouras, Nicolas Reyren, Nicolas Rougemaille, Vojtěch Schánilec, Karim Bouzehouane, Michel Hehn, Benjamin Canals, Damien Querlioz, Julie Grollier, François Montaigne and Daniel Lacour

Adv. Mater. 2008135 (2021)


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