Just published in Advanced Materials ! Giant self-production of spin current…

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…and self-torque in amorphous ferrimagnetic materials

Magnetic materials can themselves be a source of spin current.  This is what has been shown in a work done at Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy in close collaboration with Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales in Palaiseau, University of Arizona in USA, Nanyang University in Singapore, and internships student from the National University of Engineering in Peru. The findings show a giant efficiency of spin current generation by amorphous ferrimagnetic thin films of GdFeCo, 20 times higher in a GdFeCo/Cu bilayer than in Pt. An equally promising result is that the spin currents generated in GdFeCo/Cu create strong self-induced torques on the GdFeCo magnetization without the need for heavy metal external to the magnetic layer.

This work, led by Dr Rojas and Professor Fert, has just been published in Advanced materials:


We acknowledge particularly the Master LUE program for supporting internship student.

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