2020: 5 projects supported by the ANR

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Spin Orbit Torque switching & THz (JCJC SPOTZ- CE24):
Coordinated by Jon Gorchon

UltraFast Opto-magneto-spintronics for Future Nanotechnologies (PRC UFO – CE09):
Coordinated by Stéphane Mangin

Wireless and Integrated multi-parameters SAW Sensors Technologies for Implementation of a digital TWIN for electrical machines (PRCE WISSTITWIN CE42):
Coordinated by Abdelkrim Talbi (from IEMN -Lille) – Local coordinator Michel Hehn

Ferroelectric control of Rashba states (PRC CONTRABASS – CE24):
Coordinated by Jean-Philippe Attané (from Spintec Grenoble) – Local coordinator Sébastien Petit-Watelot

Magnon reservoir computing (PRC MARIN (CE24):
Coordinated by Jean-Paul Adam (C2N Paris-Saclay) – Local coordinator Stéphane Andrieu

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