Paper in Advanced Science

Published by Stephane Mangin on

In GdFeCo/Cu/CoPt spin valve, the ultrafast demagnetization of the ferrimagnetic GdFeCo alloy, generated by a single femtosecond laser pulse, is shown to generate enough spin current to switch the magnetization of the ferromagnetic CoPt multilayer. By increasing the Gd concentration, the CoPt switching is found to be more energy efficient.

This work was made possible thanks to the partnership between Université de Lorraine and the University of Tohoku. It is driven, in large part, by the exchanges of students, doctoral students and post-docs between the two universities. More than a dozen exchanges on both sides have already taken place for periods of several months in many cases. This partnership was largely supported by Presidents Hideo Ohno and Pierre Mutzenhardt who signed a consortium agreement in 2018 during the World Materials Forum. The Lorraine University of Excellence initiative has largely contributed to the success of this partnership through the funding of various programs.


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