Weak Stripe Angle Determination by Quantitative x-ray Magnetic Microscopy

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In collaboration with teams of the Hermes beam line (Synchrotron Soleil) and the IPCMs (Strasbourg). We probe a weak stripe magnetic texture by high-resolution scanning transmission x-ray microscopy (STXM).We report a full set of measurements of the weak stripe canting angle, as well as a method that uses only a single-impinging direction x-ray beam to extract the angle spatially resolved. Beyond the characterization of the weak stripe angle, this quantitative x-ray magnetic microscopy can be used to study the local textures hosted in all materials exhibiting some circular x-ray magnetic dichroism.

  1. Ait Oukaci ,D. Lacour , D. Stoeffler, B. Sarpi, F. Montaigne ,R. Belkhou, and M. Hehn


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